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The new technology enables prolonged recording of high-quality video for digital devices that employ flash memory or hard-disk drives (HDDs) for recording, such as digital cameras and video camcorders.
Capitated health plans are eagerly seeking physicians who can demonstrate reasonable costs and high-quality outcomes
Where the Mac separations shine, however, is in high-quality color illustrations created on the computer and integrated into the page layout.
We continue to meet our customers' growing demand for a productive and high quality MFP that produces high-quality images in monochrome and color.
We must have high-quality buildings and surroundings.
As a DivX Certified Recorder, Zoran's COACH 9 processor provides DivX video capture support in a number of next generation digital still cameras, powering high-quality DivX video recording capabilities for consumers.
Since the founding of JCAHO, there have been almost constant changes in methods to ensure that health care organizations render high-quality health care to their patients.
Consumer VoIP, Broadband and ISP providers can access these voice peering capabilities and solutions, enabling true global reach and interoperability to support reliable, high-quality traffic exchange between multiple protocol networks.
Children from low-education households who were placed in high-quality classrooms achieved at the same level as those whose mothers had a college degree, and children displaying previous problem behavior showed achievement and adjustment levels identical to children who had no history of problems.
HAMILTON, Bermuda -- VistaPrint Limited (Nasdaq:VPRT), the leading online supplier of high-quality graphic design services and customized printed products to small businesses and consumers, today announced that it offers last minute holiday shoppers high-quality and affordable gifts this holiday season.
By using Oki's proprietary algorithm and developing an accelerator designed for this chip, Oki succeeded in developing low cost, high-quality video compression.
IKON CPP[TM] 650 offers production-level color finishing options at high-speeds, high-quality and affordable price