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HIGH. This word has various significations: 1. Principal or chief, as high constable, high sheriff. 2. Prominent, in a bad sense, as high treason. 3. Open, not confined, as high seas.

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The research revealed that there are a balance number of respondents who agreed and disagreed that there is rapid development of high-rise buildings in Penang Island.
Installing fire sprinklers in a residential high-rise not only provides life- and property protection, but it also leads to other benefits for residents and owners, including reductions in insurance for tenant spaces and common areas.
After Laing befriends Richard Wilder (Evans), a documentary film-maker relegated to the second floor who is determined to provoke the class injustices inherent in the high-rise, a dangerous social situation develops and the high-rise eventually fragments into violent tribes.
According to the new issue of the Index, the residential market--specifically high-rise condominium and apartment developments--will continue to lead growth in the overall industry throughout 2015.
Tour MaineMontparnasse (architects Jean Soubot, Beaudouin, Cassan, de Marien) in Paris, near the railway station, is considered an obvious mistake of urban planning encouraging prohibitions of high-rise construction in city centres.
The High-Rise Living Forum was established in November 2002, to bring people together from high-rise blocks across the borough, to network and look at real issues affecting people's lives.
The day after the fire sprinkler activation in Hinsdale, a fire sprinkler system in the basement-level parking garage of the Esplanade Apartments high-rise on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago contained an automobile fire.
Peslier, who last rode High-Rise behind Swain at Ascot, cannot wait to get back on board.
Located in Santa Ana, California, and adjacent to Hutton Plaza Business Park and the South Coast Metro area, Promenade Pointe is leading the new residential high-rise condominium trend in Orange County, offering sophisticated, citified living at an incredible value, with condo/loft prices starting in the $500,000s.
Not the workers who commute long distances to these anonymous high-rise structures.
The high-rise properties have at least 300,000 square feet of space vacant because Health Net Inc.
Ron Hamburger, a former president of SEAONC, as well as other structural engineers in the area are currently actively assisting building departments in their review and approval of these high-rise structures.

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