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And the women of this country have seen that hatred-filled politics, which Narendra Modi represents, and they can never ever give any credibility to just high-sounding statements," she added.
Despite high-sounding and moralistic assertions, the Pakistani delegate said, the fact was that nuclear weapons remained integral to strategic doctrines of military alliances and also provided extended deterrence to non-nuclear-weapon States that were members of military alliances.
Various Google executives dispatched to Congress in the past have voiced high-sounding commitments to privacy protections, only to have them flouted by the Internet giant's later action," wrote John M.
found in requiring fledgling lawyers to mouth high-sounding words many never read and will lightly ignore.
Our private channel virtually switched to copycat mode; from informal script to colourful costumes and from unrealistic visual effects to high-sounding background music," said Beenish Wayne, a TV drama critic and social activist.
The one-point agendum of the angry participants was the demand to implement the recommendations of the high-sounding 'Pay and Pensions Commission' to announce a 100 percent raise in salaries and pensions.
Apparently he had been given that rather high-sounding name by his parents, perhaps hoping it would someday be appropriate.
or, were those high-sounding phrases just part of a package of rhetoric plucked off some internet site?
While the other candidates spend millions of dollars on campaign ads and batter one another (and get battered by media pundits and "independent" opposition groups), "non-candidate" Newt will be touring the country promoting high-sounding ideas on healthcare, national security, jobs, energy, and moral values, through his new organization, American Solutions, and his new book, Winning the Future.
How can this man say such high-sounding statements as the bishops' conference president and do the opposite in his diocese?
Gone are all Bush's high-sounding words about bringing a beacon of democracy to the Middle East.
Kinzer says that the American people are basically altruistic (a contention I am willing to accept) and that high-sounding false reasons have had to be made up by U.