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Safilea was a caring, high-spirited and brave young lady who even in her toughest times always strived to remain positive.
The march in Montreal was high-spirited, fervent, and family-friendly, drawing bundled-up parents pushing strollers as well as middle-aged and elderly activists and a large contingent of young adults.
The majority are suspected to have been lifted as the result of pranks, possibly by high-spirited students removing them as trophies, after a night out.
Simply narrated so that young people who are just graduating from picturebooks can easily follow the text, The Adventures of Mouse Deer is witty and steeped with the power of myth, as well as high-spirited determination.
High-spirited members, all finely decorated in colorful beads and boas, descended on New Orleans.
Female adolescents will love the high-spirited, tough-hearted heroine Heaven Kogo as she crashes through samurai warrior lessons and the local shopping mall, and learn a little bit about Japanese culture.
It'' high-spirited old-country Italian and what puttanesta should be rather than the frankly bland versions you find in nearly all local eateries.
A high-spirited "jazzical" version of Langston Hughes's play, set in 1936 at the height of the Harlem Renaissance.
Barbara McNab's second outing for Yindala, the high-spirited koala who is obsessed with running fast, comes 14 years after the first offering.
Y ahora me voy con mi mare (And now I go with my mother), a seven-part suite loosely concerned with the inconstant nature of love, the men (Adrian Sanchez, Julian Martin, and Jose Barrios) still had all the fun--playfully tossing off ricocheting compas (rhythms) with marksman-like precision in joyous alegrias and the fast, furiously high-spirited bulerias of Ortega's hometown, Jerez de la Frontera, one of the cradles of flamenco in Southern Spain.
And if you're high-spirited, find something else to do that doesn't damage the environment.
Cressy has found very few cases of cross-dressing in historical records, and those he has discovered turn out to be mostly high-spirited pranks rather than rebellion against a patriarchal social order.