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But the moments when Peer can no longer evade the confrontation with himself Bergman stages as disconcerting nightmare images that belie the high-spiritedness of his anti-hero: the formless Bojgen becomes a swarm of menacing Magrittean accountants, doppelgangers taunting Peer with mirrors.
Conspicuous in the panorama of Gesell-schaftsmusik of late-imperial Vienna, the quartet of two violins (Johann and Josef Schrammel), high clarinet in G or F (Georg Danzer), and contraguitar (Anton Strohmayer)--they can be seen amusingly posed here on page 96, in a photograph from the Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien--came virtually to personify the high-spiritedness of music-making in the coffee houses and wine gardens of the city.
The natural metamorphosis in the weather does not affect the high-spiritedness of the city, making it worthwhile to visit any time of the year.