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It seems the more uptight, high-strung types, such as myself, are the ones who suffer the most.
Although never at ease with his secondary role, Ford provided unwavering support for Tchelitchew's art and tolerance for his high-strung volatility.
While the rest of the country was talking about child-abusing priests and their accomplices in the bishopric, the Catholic League was still denouncing harmless chestnuts about high-strung nuns and wacky confessional mixups.
In their study, animals with a calmer temperament had cannon bones that were 5 percent wider and 9 percent thicker than high-strung animals with thinner bones.
OK, so those who know me best would say that I am still inclined to the occasional bout of neurosis and yes, hands up, I accept that I am fairly high-strung and a little on the high maintenance side.
The hints that it may be within reach have emerged from an extraordinarily high-strung LEP.
Willojean convinces her grandfather to buy her a high-strung, abused, ex-racehorse named Tess.
It is quintessential Solti, nervous and high-strung and full of high spirits.
The high-strung digital maverick has raised more venture capital than anybody else, has taken his company public and has led the firm to a market cap in excess of US$2 billion.
Anthony Massaro regularly attends a special sort of business seminar, one at which he lugs around tires, puts out fires, and rushes to obey the commands of high-strung race-car drivers who bark orders into his headset.