highest position

See: supremacy
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Though social and personal influence were powerful within its doors, as always in all human organizations, nevertheless the son of a serf for whom there was no other means of escape from his servitude might steal to the nearest monastery and there, gaining his freedom by a few months of concealment, might hope, if he proved his ability, to rise to the highest position, to become abbot, bishop or perhaps even Pope.
And if any one should say: Caesar obtained empire by liberality, and many others have reached the highest positions by having been liberal, and by being considered so, I answer: Either you are a prince in fact, or in a way to become one.
The star reaches its highest position in the south around 8 p.
For now the highest position Alego Usonga constituency can be considered for is that of the Deputy Governor," he said.
Offered in 20- and 27-inch widths, the lifters handle up to 2,200 pounds, raising loads to the highest position in less than 6 seconds with a 12-volt, maintenance-free battery.
EO 340 split the powers and duties of the highest position in SBMA between the chairman of the board and the administrator.
Pakistan is now elevated to highest position in the comity of nation due to these sacrifices.
One expects a higher standard from a democratically elected Chief Minister in the federal structure in which the Prime Minister of India is the highest position, democratically elected highest position of the country.
Only three women made it on to the Forbes list of 20 best-paid stars and Emma managed the highest position at No16.
The Egypt team reached their highest position at number twelve.
As governor, Bentley was elected by the people of Alabama to the highest position of authority and should consequentially treat the office with the utmost respect.
We already have the highest position with a Bulgarian heading the World Bank.

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