highest quality

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Some of the masters whose influence left a trace upon my character to this very day, combined a fierceness of conception with a certitude of execution upon the basis of just appreciation of means and ends which is the highest quality of the man of action.
He wuz de highest quality in dis whole town--ole Virginny stock.
Her uncle kept her in great seclusion and retirement, but for all that the fame of her great beauty spread so that, as well for it as for her great wealth, her uncle was asked, solicited, and importuned, to give her in marriage not only by those of our town but of those many leagues round, and by the persons of highest quality in them.
His poems of these years also are few, but they too are of the very highest quality.
I defy your Eminence to prove it," cried Treville, with his Gascon freedom and military frankness; "for one hour before, Monsieur Athos, who, I will confide it to your Majesty, is really a man of the highest quality, did me the honor after having dined with me to be conversing in the saloon of my hotel, with the Duc de la Tremouille and the Comte de Chalus, who happened to be there.
The fame of his virtue gradually spread abroad, and many people, including several of the highest quality, came to visit him and ask his prayers.
Tenders are invited for Boiled highest quality, highest quality sausages, sausages of the highest quality
CANKIRI, Aug 17, 2010 (TUR) -- Arabs have named their date of highest quality after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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