highest ranking person

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s remarks are the boldest self-criticism of Turkey's diplomacy on Syria so far by the highest ranking person in the Turkish government; indeed, Kurtulmu?
Trial in progress: There is an ongoing legal investigation about the second highest ranking person at MyT, M.
NY Times Editor Regrets Coverage of Iraq WMDs Commonwealth Club - SF Club Office Jill Abramson, the New York Times Executive Editor, is the highest ranking person in the newsroom and the first woman to ever have the title.
Officially, the head of the executive states that "relations with the United States are an absolute priority for the EU" and therefore the new Commission has made "the highest ranking person on external relations its representative in Washington".
That will make Limbert the highest ranking person to handle Iranian issues day-to-day.
Below is the rejection letter for "Of Monuments and Memories of Our Patriots," from Captain Waheibi, signed by the 3rd highest ranking person on base, First Shirt Chief Master Sergeant Morris.
When elements of your chain of command disagree about the viability of a program, the highest ranking person is often correct.

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