highly serious

See: grave, serious
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Despite the challenge that we experienced with the Kurds during the recent events in Kurdistan, our relations are highly serious, good and tight," Masjedi said, addressing a conference in Tehran.
With such stories like TOTGA being offered to viewers, GMA cuts an edge over other conventional, predictable and highly serious melodramas running on other channels.
Relevant institutions at the local level, especially the City of Skopje, have the legal obligation to find sustainable solutions to this highly serious problem," Ivanov said.
This is highly serious and needs to be treated as such.
Now the German Food Industries Association, the Plastic Packaging Association and two other highly serious bodies have jointly set up the Zentrale Wertstoffstelle Projektgesellschaft mbH (ZWP), whose remit is to advise the German government as it prepares the text for the planned Recycling Law.
They are of the opinion that if proper care was not taken, many complications might prove to be highly serious.
She has also worked closely with biochemistry lecturer Dr Richard Bingham, who has a special research focus on Borrelia, the bacterium that spreads the tick-borne Lyme disease, which can have highly serious symptoms.
This is highly serious and important case which can not be left unresolved.
It is a highly serious type of disease in which the diseased children get it from their parents already suffering from Thalassemia Minor".
The state is using this tool because this problem is highly serious to the society," Tigran Sargsyan said.
In a country, which imports more than 70 per cent of its food needs, this depreciation is highly serious as it has sent prices of commodities at home higher," said Abdou.
Rather, it is both a highly serious and a seriously entertaining piece of scholarship that is sure to challenge its readers to rethink not only their prior reading of the writers that she treats, but their own critical practice.

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