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Our study provides a unique window into the stepwise process by which apparent reproductive barriers can be broken down and how new combinations of floral traits can be generated, leading to the evolution of novel, highly specific plant-pollinator interactions," Vereecken said.
The blood test is highly specific because it measures immune responses to peptides that simulate tuberculosis proteins not present in the vaccine, the company said.
Vitellogenin "is a highly specific indicator of a fish's exposure to estrogens"--female sex hormones--as well as to pollutants that mimic them, notes Alexander P.
It is a detail made monumental, a highly specific rendering of something that must have been photographed millions of times but is rarely examined so intently.
Express Web allows quick, inexpensive, in-depth study of highly specific topics--while still providing access to course faculty.
This is all fine, but further on we discover that a highly specific and deeply conservative agenda lies behind this front of sweet reason.
Because these animals were specifically expressing genes regulated in response to toxic exposures, it was possible for the Abbott-Rosetta team to enrich for genes regulated by toxic compounds, making their array a highly specific tool for understanding the function of rat liver undergoing toxic exposure.
This highly integrated approach has produced more than 6,000 novel discoveries on human proteins, which allows the company and its partners to identify highly specific leads for selected target families on an unprecedented scale.
Buyers searching for licensable technologies can zero in on highly specific details in various classification tiers.
The chat room has generated an average of about 100 highly specific technical discussions a month since it went on-line about a year ago, according to Cornell.
All three feature a highly specific, dry block heater that is said to be easy to use, portable, traceable and ruggedly designed.
The appearance of monocytes (purple dots) above the separation line, in the eosinophil area (green dots), is a highly specific sign of the presence of ingested malaria pigment and consequently malaria.

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