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In November 2010, Iranian security forces foiled an attempted hijack of a plane bound for the Syrian capital, Damascus.
Haeggstroem said he has not ruled out a charge of planning to hijack a plane, and had imposed a travel ban on Chatty and ordered him to report to police during the next month.
They plan to hijack an aircraft departing from Kathmandu and ram it into targets in New Delhi, the newspapers said.
All 150 passengers are freed unhurt, ending Britain's longest ever hijack.
EDT - A report by Reuters, citing Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CYBC), said the hijacker, who was identified by several media outlets as Ibrahim Samaha, may have had personal motives to hijack the EgyptAir Flight MS181 as his ex-wife was in Cyprus.
On June 29, six people attempted to hijack Tianjin Airlines' flight GS7554 after it took off from Hotan Airport and was 1,400 km away from its destination, the regional capital city of Urumqi.
The hijack of MT Fairchem Bogey has happened right under the nose of the Salalah port authorities.
SECURITY agencies have zeroed in on an organisation named Islamic Emirates of Al- Hind that could hijack a plane to secure the release of 26/ 11 accused Mohammad Ajmal Qasab.
ISLAMABAD, 10 June, 2009 (Frontier Star) --Advocate General Punjab Khawaja Haris said former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had made no attempt to hijack former army chief Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf plane and whatever order he had given he had issued in the capacity of prime minister adding therefore, there was no justification in instituting plane hijacking case against the former premier.
Christopher Connors, 31, was accused of hijacking three cars and attempting to hijack a Volkswagen Polo during last Thursday's 18-hour rampage.
He was released from custody last month after spending four weeks in jail under suspicion of planning to hijack the airliner bound for Stansted airport.
A HIJACK suspect arrested with a loaded gun on his way to a Londonbound flight is due before a judge in Stockholm today to decide whether he should be charged, detained or set free.