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Within days Al-Bayoumi, 44, and his 33-year-old wife Manal Ahmed Bagader appeared on an international list of people with possible connections to the September 11 hijackers.
As the plane flew over Kanagawa Prefecture en route to the Yokota base, the hijacker asked the 51-year-old captain to let him fly, police sources said.
Mustafa's ex-wife, Marina Paraschou, was candid about her relationship with the alleged hijacker in an (http://cms.
According to certain sources, the motive ranged between the hijacker being "love-sick" to him demanding that female political prisoners in Egypt be freed.
Turkish special forces launched an operation to the plane through the cockpit gate and neutralized the hijacker.
My assumption is that the one-hour meeting with Bayoumi, he was directed to go to this restaurant and that the two hijackers had similarly been directed to go to the restaurant so that they would have this opportunity to meet and discuss the possibility of relocating to San Diego," Graham said.
Earlier it was reported the hijacker of the plane that took off from Sudan's Darfur region refused to negotiate after landing in southern Libya.
At Dubai airport, another stop in the erratic flight of the jet, the identity of the hijackers remained a mystery.
But, in the confusion, the hijackers allowed three people to escape, including the driver who took his keys with him.
Three hijackers were known or knowable by intelligence authorities as al-Qaeda terrorists in early 2000, but their biographical information was not fully developed and communicated to border authorities for watchlisting," the recent 9/11 Commission staff report 9/11 and Terrorist Travel noted.
Surveillance video was released today showing September 11 hijackers having extra security checks ( but then being allowed to proceed on their deadly mission.
THIS is the moment four September 11 hijackers were cleared by airport security despite setting off metal detectors.