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Hike users will also have access to Ola's multi-modal commuting offerings, from pocket-friendly options such as Ola Auto, Micro, and Mini to premium categories such as Ola Prime, Ola Prime Play, Ola Prime SUV, and Ola Lux.
If this is your first time participating in an SIHC hike, you should also add your employer or company name and phone number.
With the implementation of the hike, the consumers in Delhi will now have to pay 410.
There is tremendous pressure on auto companies and a price hike is certain.
Although a 50-bps hike for the commonest loan tenure of 36 months amounts to an increase of just Rs 25 per lakh-or Rs 1,200 a year for a Rs 4 lakh small car or Rs 1,800 a year for a mid-size sedan-the impact is not the same on everyone.
Meanwhile, Formosa Plastics will also have to pay extra NT$900 million annually for its 65,000 employees, due to the 3% pay hike, which will take effect on July 1.
Participants will meet on Elm Street, near the power lines and hike the Monoosnoc Trail to Granite Street and ride the van back to Elm Street.
I don't hike all of these with kids because there are too many - sometimes I'll do three hikes in a day," she said.
So put on your hiking shoes, grab a partner and take a hike into a new world.
Or, hike down into the gorge via the Babel Tower Trail.