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Situated in the Four Beasts Mountains near Taipei 101, Xiangshan and Hushan Hiking Trails have excellent views and favorable geographical positions and have always been among the hottest spots for people to view Taipei's landscape.
For instance, you may want to pack a raincoat, a waterproof hiking jacket and an extra pair of socks and T-shirt in a plastic (Ziploc) bag, as well as a light snack (sandwiches and fruit) for your lunch and a bottle of mineral water to drink during your hike.
He is an avid hiker and camper and spent last year hiking the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.
Henderson's fondness for hiking can be traced to her growing up in a Portland family that spent most of its vacations hiking or backpacking in the Mount Hood Wilderness Area.
Peterman and her husband decided to make a difference by forming their own organization in Atlanta to inform African-Americans about the beauty and benefits of hiking outdoors.
Hiking is a fantastic way to get to know the natural world surrounding you while getting great exercise.
There is beauty everywhere," said Ed Talone, a trail instructor with the American Hiking Society.
If you'd like to start hiking regularly, it's a good idea to outfit your feet with waterproof hiking shoes.
When hiking, follow these precautions to prevent exposure:
Hiking the income-tax rate from 31 percent to 36 percent for people earning $115,000 or more is bad enough.
Take A Hike Arizona, The Ultimate Arizona Hiking Experience
Since 1993, the American Hiking Society has set aside the first Saturday in June as National Trails Day.