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Boy Meets Girl, ITV, Friday Hilariously written, hilariously acted.
It's a women thing, as five very different women struggle hilariously to conquer pole dancing for a Charity event to raise awareness and money for breast cancer.
But then Rhod does misery very well and, often, hilariously.
From a Stinky Feet Experiment to Worm Day, events are hilariously told in this fine story for younger readers in grades 2-4 seeking something different in easy books.
Along the way, Borat is hilariously schooled in American etiquette by a series of unsuspecting experts.
Not everyone is asked to go over the top, but those who do -- particularly Ana Ortiz, playing Betty's sister, Hilda -- do so hilariously.
It's pretty sketchy all around and often hilariously ridiculous, but done in complete fun, as it follows the band the Lovedolls on their rapid ascent amidst unfriendly LA beach gangs, unscrupulous sleazy manager types, and heavy drug use.
In this brilliant, wildly over-the-top novel, written in the lush formally eloquent language favored by the 19th-century gentry and peopled with a hilariously grotesque assemblage of hucksters, hooligans, madmen and hypocrites, Wright paints an unsparing portrait of the American psyche.
In the center of the room, a little muscleman made of painted Styrofoam spheres and standing on a cardboard box evoked both the long list of self-portraits produced by the artist over the years (in materials as various as sugar cubes, drinking straws, and aspirin) and the array of shoplifted balls in his hilariously subversive Hot Balls, 1992.
Taking this one brick from the wall of his emotional fortress has hilariously disastrous consequences, as every defense that kept Plato functioning as a "somewhat quirky, pseudo-insane" person comes tumbling down around his ears.
Hilariously performed by three hunched and preening men, they cavort awkwardly throughout two acts, turning up in dreams and nightmares.
The 25-year-old inflatable model was hilariously whacking herself with her hideous bag as she arrived back on British soil.