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The authors of the study, now published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, investigated the persistent activity in a hindbrain circuit responsible for eye movements in zebrafish larvae.
The most ancient part of our brains -- the brain stem and hindbrain -- are still shared with reptiles and thus, we call this primeval foundation of our central nervous system the "reptilian" brain.
The hindbrain is then easily removed, followed by removal of the pituitary and inspection of the middle and inner ears by using strong bone cutters for access.
Nuclear receptor sites for vitamin Dsoltriol in midbrain and hindbrain of Siberian hamster (Phodopus sungorus) assessed by autoradiography.
Areas of the hindbrain respond to endocannabinoids, appetite stimulants made by the body.
In the Management of Myelomeningocele Study (MOMS), prenatal repair before 26 weeks of gestation reduced the need for a shunt at 12 months and also decreased the rate of hindbrain herniation by one-third at 12 months of age.
We found Nato 3 is expressed in the floor plate region of the spinal cord, hindbrain and midbrain at the onset of neurogenesis and continues until late gestation.
Genetic disruption of mouse Cyp26b1 affects the development of neural crest-derived central nervous system structures, but does not compromise hindbrain patterning (Maclean et at.
They use the drone of the television to drown the buzz of their anxious forebrains, unaware that the blue lightwaves of the television stimulate their hindbrain with the brightness of the noonday sun.
Significant improvement for composite mental development and motor function scores at 30 months and secondary outcomes of ambulation by 30 months and hindbrain herniation by 12 months were manifest (4).
We could tell when the midbrain and the hindbrain were communicating with the cerebral cortex and in what timeframe.