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The high rank of the facilitating category "Openness and comfort about sexuality" and the comparably high ranking of the hindering category "Lack of openness and of positive education about sexuality" reflect the high importance of this theme for women's sexual self-esteem (Table 3).
It is by now quite clear that the opposition is hindering all attempts to elect a new head of state," a statement issued following the group's weekly meeting said.
Poor performance and availability impede user productivity, application use and adoption, hindering business growth," said Tom Leighton, Chief Scientist at Akamai.
It is tempting to siphon off transportation money in tough times, but when he and the Legislature look at reality, they will recognize that the transportation cupboard is bare and that shortchanging transportation will hinder the state's economic recovery by killing jobs, hindering goods movement, reducing tax revenues and reducing mobility.
Available Now, Survey Finds Large Organizations At Greatest Risk; Organizational Dynamics Play Major Role in Hindering Implementation of
Through the use of a Sports Performance Trigger programmed into the athlete's subconscious mind, Solivan can actually "switch on" both hemispheres of the brain and focus on specific performance problems hindering an athlete during the sessions.
NYSE:AXE) a leading global distributor of communications products, reports that slow networks and the slow transmission of data are hindering productivity within companies across the country, and in many cases, the problem lies within the cabling system.
The perception that the flu outbreak is hindering their opportunities for growth is somewhat surprising because the flu is a temporary condition that should not impact the trajectory of the company.
Hindering dissemination of Iraqi army coincides with "terrorist" interests, MP KARBALA/ Aswat al-Iraq: State of Law MP regarded the prevention of dissemination of Iraqi army by Kurdish Beishmarga along the Iraqi-Syrian borders as "pouring in the interests of terrorism", pointing that the withdrawal of Iraqi forces will "give wrong letter to the Kurdish region's forces".
The goal of this study is to determine which locations in Bahrain provide the best opportunities for freedom of expression without violating the rights of others or hindering public interests.
A statement issued on Wednesday, June 22, by Jafari's Office said he has discussed with the Governor and member of the Provincial Council the steps adopted to overcome obstacles hindering providing services to the public.
Afghanistan clearly explained its viewpoint on Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) and structures parallel to the Afghan government - private security companies and all activities or bodies which are hindering the Afghan government's development and hindering the governance of Afghanistan," he said.