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The hindering factors used in these studies were obtained via clients' video-assisted recall of incidents from an early counseling session.
The raters sorted and categorized 126 incidents (42% of the total number of incidents) into the 14 facilitating and 17 hindering categories.
The report said: 'By trying to force through traumatic and counter-productive amalgamations the Government is hindering the fight against crime.
The CBO cites several factors that might be hindering private insurance's role in LTC financing, including many related to Medicaid:
It appears that the Welsh Development Agency are hindering the possible sale process and the board is considering its position as it believes that the Agency is acting outside its remit.
Failure to provide the new capacity is hindering tourism growth, they said.
The first issue, managing mine action information, is framed around a central question: Is it possible for many systems to exist simultaneously without hindering the exchange of information, and if not, is there a need for a unified information exchange platform?
In addition, Jreisat makes only a limited attempt to analyze the relative weight or relationship of administrative deficiencies against the deeper pathologies hindering development (mentioned in brief on pages 62-67), such as rapid population growth and urbanization, the overwhelming dominance of state over society, inflated military expenditures, and huge public debts.
NNA - AL MOUSTAQBAL: Hariri: The train is on its right path and the launching is soon AL DIYAR: Has Aoun's term begun bleeding out by the hindering Cabinet formation?
Parliament is scheduled to investigate the Electricity Minister as well as Head of the Independent High Electoral Commission in few days after hindering their investigation before the Eid Holiday.
We issued them fines and around 30 motorists were fined for blocking traffic and hindering the work of rescue teams," Captain Al Tenaiji said.