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Earlier on,James, the British junior champion, won the Devil take the Hindmost, with Barry second, and Barry won the eight laps scratch in addition to pulling out a fast last lap to clinch victory for his team in the Italian Pursuit.
2 The offside line at the scrum for players not in the scrum, other than the scrum-half, is five metres behind the hindmost foot of the scrum.
Mrs Lerew continued: 'This drive to be first and the devil take the hindmost attitude has bred an inevitable rise in aggression and bullying.
Ireland's Ray Clarke won the eight laps scratch and was second in the Devil take the Hindmost behind team-mate Paul Healion.
No society, just individuals, the law of the jungle, let the Deil tak the hindmost.
Dave Heald of VCSt Raphael won the 500m Sydney Handicap and his team-mate Alan Peet was first in the Devil Take the Hindmost.
But Moody was half a yard to a yard offside, having failed to retire behind the hindmost feet of the preceding ruck.
At Wednesday's Kirkby track meeting he won the devil take the hindmost and the 15 lap Deeside Decider.
He went straight for the rails and devil take the hindmost, squashing four horses on his inside and causing one actually to bend the plastic rails
l Dave Hitchen (Wigan), who rides for New Brighton CC Abresco, used a borrowed bike in Kirkby's midweek meeting, but he made a sensational debut, winning the Devil take the Hindmost event.
SACE time trial star Gethin Butler (Preston Wheelers) enlivened last night's Kirkby Track League cycle race meeting with a couple of outstanding solo victories in the Devil take the Hindmost and the 12-lap Deeside Decider scratch race.
Elfyn Jones of Deeside Olympic won the mens Devil take the Hindmost from James Taylor and Sion Jones.