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Because of these potential, various hints have been proposed to support student learning and such hints can be broadly divided into direct hints and indirect hints (Bannert & Reimann, 2012).
A relacao entre as condicoes de aplicacao do HINT e o tempo de exposicao a ruido no G2, apresentou diferenca significante, para o coeficiente linear de Spearman, em S (c = 0,26568; p = 0,0262) e RC (c = 0,29413; p = 0,0135).
New V8()100% vegetable juice Hint of Lime and Hint of Black Pepper are located in the juice aisle of grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $2.
Nature with a hint of exotic Fruit & Nut--A rich blend of fruit & nut with luscious dragon fruit.
Perhaps we are doing as Florence did, we are giving hints when we teach, and the real teaching lies within the student.
The researchers also found hints that type la supernovas haven't changed over time.
Vanilla and hints of spun sugar fill the nostril, while rich caramel lingers on the tongue for a crisp, stunning finish.
Hint Hint formed a little over two years ago with the intention of only sharing their handful of songs with friends, until Derek Fudesco of Pretty Girls Make Graves liked what he heard and suggested the band finish the demos and release the EP on his new label with Dim Mak's Steve Aioki.
Although price pressures are building, a hint of business pricing power due to a strengthening economy seems preferable to the doldrums of deflationary despair.
Here are the best hints for avoiding the mean guilts and keeping co-worker envy and resentment at a manageable level.
Need a hint: Gives hints about what may be wrong with the page without completely mining the challenge
As a result, a block location hint contains only the (probable) location of the block's master copy, and the locations of other copies are not recorded.