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The landlady's brother will lend it if he sees his sister's bill receipted, and if he gets his day's hire beforehand -not otherwise.
I must then hire another to defend my right, it being against all rules of law that any man should be allowed to speak for himself.
Hire was always charged up to the hour of return to the shop and deducted from the deposit.
The boat you hire up the river above Marlow is not the sort of boat in which you can flash about and give yourself airs.
When I subsequently forced myself to consider it, the most distinct project I could frame for overcoming all difficulty was, to marry myself (the phrase is strictly descriptive of the Scotch ceremony) at the first inn we came to, over the Border; to hire a chaise, or take places in a public conveyance to Edinburgh, as a blind; to let Alicia and Mrs.
The Traveler asserted that he had, with the hire of the Ass, hired his Shadow also.
If the people wish me to work for them, they must hire me without solicitation.
I do not mean to insist here on the disadvantage of hiring compared with owning, but it is evident that the savage owns his shelter because it costs so little, while the civilized man hires his commonly because he cannot afford to own it; nor can he, in the long run, any better afford to hire.
After many bitter execrations on Partridge, and not fewer on himself, he ordered the poor fellow, who was frightened out of his wits, to run down and hire him horses at any rate; and a very few minutes afterwards, having shuffled on his clothes, he hastened down-stairs to execute the orders himself, which he had just before given.
He knew that however much they tried, they could not hire more than forty--thirty-seven perhaps or thirty-eight-- laborers for a reasonable sum.
I shall depart for the latter town in a fortnight or three weeks; and my intention is to hire a ship there, which can easily be done by paying the insurance for the owner, and to engage as many sailors as I think necessary among those who are accustomed to the whale-fishing.
You'd want me not to hire a good wagoner, 'cause he'd got a mole on his face.