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They have been all hired this fortnight, and there are none left but those absolutely requisite for posting.
Buckingham shrugged his shoulders contemptuously, and said, "When I hired these houses which surround the Hotel de Ville, the square was unoccupied; these barracks obstruct my sight; I hereby order them to be removed.
The hired up-river boat very soon puts a stop to any nonsense of that sort on the part of its occupants.
The man in the hired up-river boat is modest and retiring.
When the man in the hired up-river boat sees anyone he knows, he gets out on to the bank, and hides behind a tree.
I was one of a party who hired an up-river boat one summer, for a few days' trip.
Harrison's hired boy say it one day last week, and ever since I've been wanting to say it ALL the time -- even when I'm saying my prayers.
The reader may imagine the anger of the jailer when, after having made inquiries about the neighbourhood, he heard that his daughter had hired a horse, and, like an adventuress, set out on a journey without saying where she was going.
He disliked the Excise duty, so he called it "A hateful tax levied by wretches hired by those to whom excise is paid.
A pensioner he had said was "A slave of state hired by a stipend to obey his master.
And the mowing to be all done by hired labor, not on half-profits.
Twice I actually hired myself as an under-mate in a Greenland whaler, and acquitted myself to admiration.