hired hand

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The Straffan-based trainer should collect at a more modest level with the JP McManus-owned Hired Hand in the concluding maiden hurdle at Roscommon this evening.
And I lay down my life for the sheep" (John 10:14-15), he is contrasting his commitment with the religious leader who acts as a "hired hand" and "runs away because a hired hand does not care for the sheep" (10:13).
Bang Quan Lin was the hired hand brought in to install sophisticated equipment at eight farms linked to the region wide drug ring.
When Lawrence Matthews was found dead in his barn, it was assumed that mules had kicked him to death--until rumors started to spread about his widow Lorena Matthews and the Chicksaw hired hand, Jim Chapman, who spent a great deal of time alone with the boss' wife.
The sexually versatile Luca wastes no time in seducing not only Dino's frustrated wife Lana, but also hapless hired hand Angelo.
She is a farm girl in Minnesota who marries a hired hand and tries to turn him into a farmer when basically he is a person who can't get anything right and always blames others for it.
She describes making the decision to hire, conducting the hiring process, creating a back-up plan, being a good personal care attendant whether as a hired hand or a spouse, caring for elders and for children with disabilities, and coping with typical problems.
But to evolve from hired hand to boss marks a major step for a dancemaker.
Without it, he negates everything that makes him a professional person and becomes at best a routine technician or hired hand, at worst a hack.
The older son too moves away from his status as son when he declares himself more like a hired hand (v.
While Eastment was telling his terrifying tale, his teenage hired hand Michael Thomas, 19, was burying more than pounds 3,000 from the till in a back garden, Cardiff Crown Court heard.
She knew when a child should be put to bed and when a hired hand was "gold-bricking" or really needed attention.