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At present, the Company has already enrolled more patients than required under the protocol, with 86 patients in the historical control group and 101 patients in the treatment arm, and does not anticipate enrolling further patients in the trial.
The study team compared a historical control group, up to June 2010, with an intervention group of patients receiving CPR between December 2010 and June 2012, following the implementation of the post-arrest debriefing program.
Vaccination with CDX-110 together with standard of care temozolomide in patients with glioblastoma multiforme increased time to progression and overall survival compared with a matched historical control group in these Phase 2 studies," said John Sampson, M.
Eighteen patients were treated with Dermacyn while a 15 patient historical control group was treated with diluted povidone iodine.
In a comparison made between the ApoCell trial and a historical control group composed of relevant patients with similar characteristics and treatment background, it was found that the incidence of GvHD grades 2-4, the most dangerous levels of the disease, were reduced by half.
A retrospective matched case-control analysis was conducted to compare the outcomes for MDS patients treated with Dacogen to a historical control group who received intensive chemotherapy.
In the RP101 co-treatment group the median survival was significantly longer than that seen in the historical control group (447 days vs.

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