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In essence, Hope informs us that to better understand, interrogate, and make intelligible understandings of black Jamaican working class dancehallized masculinities, we must historize the act or its bodily performance, and that the past or the present is a recast across a Jamaican or Caribbean renaissance.
This shows water's extraordinary ability to historize and regulate social relations.
To consider these Southern-themed paintings that destabilized and, occasionally, dislodged their makers' received notions of the region is to historize a semiotic discourse: in the Depression era, the South was an efficiently functioning visual sign, which many U.
However, the situation has become far more complex as a result of quite different efforts by Martin Broszat, the late director of the Munich Institute for Contemporary History, to historize National Socialism.
one is a specified spatially-temporal approach, which historizes the

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