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We all feel like we've hit the jackpot ourselves and we've been celebrating all day.
When it comes to bargains, you know you've hit the jackpot when you find yourself shopping alongside store owners looking for items for their own stores.
Taxi driver Edward Blake, 42, who hit the jackpot, said: "It was the best and most exciting sex I've ever had.
Many years of playing bingo paid off in a big way for the North Pentwyn woman when she hit the jackpot at the Gala Club in Cardiff.
Locals have dubbed the town "Winsby" and Lottery players from all over the country have travelled to buy tickets there amid claims that people in the town are two and a half times more likely to hit the jackpot than those living elsewhere in the country.
A total of 1034 people have hit the jackpot in the past three years, of whom 549 were made millionaires.
Even though I lost out with Karl I really hit the jackpot myself.
Sture planned on playing through around $20 and then calling it quits; but luckily for him, he played an extra spin and on the 21st dollar Sture hit the jackpot for a staggering $198,292.
LUKA MODRIC has hit the jackpot at Tottenham by signing a bumper six-year contract worth pounds 23million.
The next person to hit the jackpot will be the 98th Quartermania winner and the sixth Quartermania millionaire.
And about 100 savings and loan firms hit the jackpot when the justices found the federal government liable for breach-of-contract damages that could pay the thrifts billions of taxpayer dollars in damages.
He'll hit the jackpot, though, if a rising stock price makes all shareholders love their Magic Kingdom.