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We have identified a gap in the healthier snacking market--great tasting treats that hit the spot.
An occasional energy bar can really hit the spot when you are running low without the time or access to a good meal.
To them Frank Lloyd Wright was the Wisconsin hayseed who hit the spot a couple of times -- the Prairie Houses of the 1890-1900s and the Usonian Houses 40 years later but otherwise, from the Hollyhock House to the Marin County Civic Center, reflected America's addiction to corny sentimentality and fantasy kitsch.
Obviously, the rich, smooth taste of an ice-cold Coors Light hit the spot with California consumers this summer," said Styles.
Hit The Spot gives the Rolling Stones and AC/DC a run for their money, I'm So Alone is a blurry Bermondsey blooze, and A Man Out Of You is 60s-styled rock and stroll.
For tasty baker-fresh food on the go, Greggs the Bakers is guaranteed to hit the spot offering a wide range of wholesome sandwiches, baguettes and wraps to baker-fresh savouries and cakes.
The girls, who are now on their second US tour, are hoping their song One more Won't Kill Us will hit the spot at the Annex club with Fred Perry Subculture.