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By the time we got ready to hit the trail, sprinkles began to fall from cloudy skies.
NEWHALL - It wasn't long after dawn when the crew members hit the trail, hoping to be done with their labor by high noon.
Woodland chiefs are urging over-indulged revellers to hit the trail and follow in the footsteps of a 59-year-old grandmother.
Trail Riding: Train, Prepare, Pack Up & Hit The Trail is an in-depth compendium and guidebook especially for horse owners and horse riders.
Nearly 200 years after Meriwether Lewis and William Clark explored the American Northwest, three California teachers hit the trail.
THEY'RE OFF: Youngsters hit the trail in the city's Memorial Park
Thousands of new four-wheel drives are being prepared in showrooms across Britain ready to hit the trail from August when the latest S-registration plates come into play.
Many hikers hit the trail with similar expectations and come back scratching their heads and wondering: Where are all the animals?
It beggars belief that the corporate enforcer Paul Appleby was about to hit the trail without finishing his inquiry.
Griffin, who has hit the trail in several early primary states, said campaigning for a parent is no small decision because it opens the child up to public scrutiny.
And as he hit the trail, he accused the Nats of being too busy trying to break up Britain to defend Scotland's interests and create jobs.
With the McKenzie raging in its full spring glory, roaring like a rowdy crowd, we hit the trail at a brisk pace.