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We hit the trail, and in a mere moment, I've whisked back to my ride with my brother Tom.
Perfect, that is, if you don't hit the trail until the clock on your wall has both hands pointed directly toward ``evening.
CALAMITY Strain dusted herself down, put on her best cowgirl outfit and hit the trail for the US yesterday.
The MP behind a new Bill to improve public access to the countryside dropped in on a Warwickshire landowner as he hit the trail to gather support.
AFTER exams are over, 150,000 students hope to hit the trail on their gap years .
He had to hit the trail - ride off into the sunset on Silver, with his sidekick Tonto on Scout.
19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Defy traditional gift giving and help friends and family hit the trail, lift or road with new adventure gear.
With neither man really knowing what they are getting themselves into they don their backpacks and hit the trail.
Practice using the brakes before you hit the trail.
On May 11 the Forestry Commission will mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Kielder Forest Drive, when scores of antique vehicles from the bygone days of motoring will hit the trail.
It beggars belief that the corporate enforcer Paul Appleby was about to hit the trail without finishing his inquiry.