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Volunteers are wanted for a charity hitch-hike from Huddersfield to Paris.
She decided to set off on foot after she told an AA mechanic she could not afford the necessary repair and would have to hitch-hike the remaining 80 miles.
STUDENTS Alison Webb and Kate Young raised pounds 200 for the homeless charity Shelter with a half-term hitch-hike back in 1976.
I remember when national servicemen and women, who were paid a pittance to protect their country, would don their military uniforms to hitch-hike home from barracks to their families.
And no sooner had she lost the barnet she spent four years growing, Lesley and three friends were stranded 100 miles from Birmingham and had to hitch-hike back as part of Heart FM's Run for Home event.
Tony, 39, well known in England as a stand-up comedian and TV and radio personality, wrote a best-selling book - Round Ireland With a Fridge - after betting a pal that it was possible to hitch-hike with a fridge.
Being safe Travel in pairs if you can Never hitch-hike or accept lifts Avoid badly-lit streets after dark Never discuss your own or your family's financial situation with strangers Never try unknown substances.
The student union activists will hitch-hike from their university in Gibbet Hill, Coventry, to London, on Friday, April 27.
She used to hitch-hike in all weathers to listen to ministers giving sermons.
Labour Party senator Dominic Hannigan blasted Bus Eireann and asked Transport Minister Noel Dempsey: "If he was visiting the pyramids in Egypt would he be left to have to hitch-hike back to the hotel?
He had last been seen alive three days earlier, trying to hitch-hike from Leatherhead to his home in Brockham Green, near Dorking.