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Founded by film and television executive Joe Rangel, Hitcher Music specializes in licensing, music supervision, marketing and original music production.
From the moment Jim laughably bleats "How was I supposed to know he was a sick lunatic", The Hitcher crunches through the gears, mimicking the premise of the 1986 film.
The first half of the show featured mini-sketches from all of the main characters, including the CrackFox, a fox turned evil after moving to the city, and The Hitcher, a cockney man with green skin and a Polo for an eye.
The first half of their show was an introduction to iconic characters including Howard Moon and Vince Noir, Naboo and Bollo, Ben Fossil and Tony Harrison and the creepy Hitcher.
Twenty years after Rutger Hauer terrified us as the mysterious murderer, Sean Bean becomes The Hitcher (18).
Second track The Hitcher is of a similar nature, but it is the third track, the charming Amser (Time), that is the real corker, with the sort of high-speed finger-picking arrangement normally reserved for bluegrass.
This suitably violent re-make of the 1986 chiller starring Rutger Hauer as the terrifying hitcher features a suitably sexy Sophia Bush (from TV's One Tree Hill) and newcomer Halsey as the couple tormented by a psychotic Sean Bean who sets about killing in all sorts of nasty ways, with gorgeous Grace his ultimate target.
It's been almost 20 years since Robert Harmon directed road movie horror The Hitcher, since which time he's been jobbing around with TV series and such undistinguished video fodder as They.
A veteran actor, Hauer has starred in such films as "Blade Runner," "The Hitcher," "Ladyhawke" and "Blind Fury.
Then, if a hitcher and hauler want to connect, it's only $1 to get the contact information and the rest of the arrangements are between the hitcher and hauler.
The Hitcher, as we shall see, is a remarkable instance of this.
When the retreat happens to be Camp Crystal Lake, the psychopath is Jason Voorhees and the new camp owners are money-grabbing filmmakers who have already revamped The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror and The Hitcher, the odds don't look good.