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18) Gadahn encourages would-be terrorists to select realistically hittable targets that are familiar to them and have some broadly symbolic--especially economic-resonance.
With the pitching being quite hittable and the fielding uncertain (fly balls are often overrun or dropped), a fair amount of runs are scored.
0x20 His struggles with control coupled with a decline in his strikeout rate made him hittable.
He s hittable and people that Manny can hit he knocks out.
I wasn't concentrating on throwing it as hard as I could or the best pitches, maybe just hittable pitches where the fielders can make the plays.
After Justin Wells burst on the scene during the middle of the conference schedule, he has slipped back to becoming very hittable.
Pitchers who are more likely to hit batters mistakenly are also likely to make mistakes in the form of placing hittable balls in the strike zone when compared to other pitchers.
As he crossed home plate, Howard, suspecting that Kekich had been grooving hittable fastballs to him all evening, thanked catcher Thurman Munson, who replied, "You still had to hit it.
You have to develop pitches that are enticing enough to get the hitters to swing at them, but are not in a good hittable location for the batters, either.