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Though there are hitters who don't use the whole ballpark and still get by, they are generally the pull hitters who are strong enough to stay in the line-up.
Thomas, perhaps the best hitter in the City Section, helped the Toreadors sweep San Pedro in the title game, contributing 15 kills.
The lightweight Swift Stik will allow hitters to work on fundamentals through underloading (lighter than normal training), enabling the hitter to get many more swings a day.
Lee is one of a handful of outside hitters with Ryan, Jones, McVein, Evans and Headley.
Twenty years ago, the designated hitter came into being because the game was in the doldrums and needed an infusion of offensive excitement--or so the numbskull owners believed.
When a salesperson has mastered these three roles - strategist, persuader, and common-sense sage - he has attained sales wisdom and become a Heavy Hitter.
Said Birmingham of Lake Balboa coach Jim Rose: "She's the best hitter I've seen since I've been coaching (for seven years).
The two hitters we most admired for purely esthetic reasons were Johnny Mize and Earle Combs, two left-handed hitters who awed us with their style and certitude.
Pure Hitter Pro is an easy-to-use, wizard-driven lesson product comprised of three major components the Video Wizard, Analysis Wizard and Interactive Lesson.
As the JetHawks only left-handed reliever most of the season, Kerbs' ability to get left-handed hitters out on a consistent basis has made him valuable.
You'll be able to blow the hitters away with a four-seam fastball.
NEW YORK -- Author Steve Martin unveils a unique new sales philosophy based on building relationships and rapport in Heavy Hitter Selling: Martin shares with readers vital information on how "Heavy Hitters" (truly great salespeople) leverage human nature as part of their sales strategies.