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After hitting the sack, the children fell asleep 26 minutes later on average, in a range of 13 to 42 minutes, and slept for an average of 10.
SKINT Scots are hitting the sack instead of the shops as they romp their way through the recession.
The best advice is to always avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee for at least five hours before hitting the sack for the night.
THE other night I ate a burrito before hitting the sack.
Give yourself 3-8 hours' break of caffeine before hitting the sack, and keep in mind that while alcohol might make you feel drowsy, limit yourself to one glass - too much disrupts your REM cycle.
And, compared to the rest of the UK, we're far more likely to burn the candle at both ends - hitting the sack after 1am in a typical week.