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We have put forward a firm proposal to the council to ensure that the Hoard is displayed in Galloway, both through a temporary display of the entire hoard and a longer term loan of a representative portion.
Given that there was no pre-existing data on occupational therapists' level of contact with people who hoard, a quantitative approach and predominately descriptive data analysis method was adopted.
The Galloway Viking Hoard campaign group want the items to be displayed near where they were discovered.
It is curious that this place in the landscape was chosen for the burial of two hoards of the same date and very close to each other.
Part of the hoard is now on display in the archaeology gallery of the Powysland Museum in Welshpool.
In light of this, the interesting question becomes: who is allowed and encouraged to hoard, while others are lambasted for doing the same thing for much the same reason?
The latest hoard was of 50 coins of English, French, Spanish-Dutch and German origin and span the reign of six sovereigns of England.
The space itself - laid out on the original 100-year-old parquet flooring - is dominated by features which reproduce some of the decorative patterns in the Hoard.
Task forces also may assist people who hoard to manage a range of services (e.
The hoard also includes large trumpet brooches, gold necklaces, gold and silver rings, a gem and a silver mirror.
Due to open in September next year, the new exhibition will outline the story of the 7th century hoard from its creation and original use to its rediscovery and conservation.
There appears to be extreme boundary issues for people who compulsively steal, spend or hoard.