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Furthermore, one fifth of respondents had no support or training regarding hoarding, which suggests that some of the participants had clinical contact with clients who hoarded without any prior knowledge or training.
living in extreme poverty) and legitimate fears of the inability to pay for the hoarded items in the future should be assessed, because this may play a role in the behavior.
On the one hand, holders of the sign can make a 'run' on the bank, demanding that their 'artificial' index be exchanged for the 'true' object that they thought they had successfully hoarded at the bank; in such an instance, the hoard-cum-inalienable possession is released precisely as Weiner's theory would predict.
He hoarded between 6 and 10 different types of objects especially paper and metal objects including newspapers, magazines, cardboard, receipts, boxes, iron and copper items.
The most frequently hoarded items (rated 2 = substantial and 3 = severe) are presented in Figure 1.
Scat analyses revealed that hoarded prey were heavily utilized during winter.