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Many may have started hoarding after a significant event in their lives like losing a loved one, according to the report.
We will ensure that they sell to the public and they will face the penalty for hoarding and selling above the pump price of N145 per litre.
It has been argued that occupational therapists encounter clients with hoarding issues in clinical practice, and that occupational therapy has a role to play in the assessment and treatment of hoarding (Dissanayake, 2012; Spear, 2014).
Yet childhood hoarding is not widely perceived as problematic.
As it turns out, animal hoarding is a complex mental disorder challenging to diagnose and to treat, and also difficult to stop due to a nearly 100 percent recidivism rate.
Although animal hoarding is still not well understood, the criteria of what constitutes animal hoarding is generally agreed on.
When my parents found out about the hoarding, they thought I had done something terrible," said Rajashree.
The meeting was further briefed that all illegal bill-boards and hoardings are being removed and the concerned contractors have also been fined.
All the concerned authorities are directed to immediately remove all the Billboards and Hoardings installed without permission within their jurisdiction within 15 days from today and report compliance, the court ordered.
Using these criteria, estimates of the prevalence of hoarding disorder in the general population range from 1.
As mentioned, the first formal set of diagnostic criteria for hoarding as a disorder was presented in the DSM-5 (APA, 2013).
Hoarding can become so paralysing that it may cause problems at work as well as at home, by disrupting the interactions necessary.