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Responding to the hoax, the airline said it has advised people not to visit such fraudulent websites on social media.
This is not the first time Noah became a victim of a death hoax.
He is accused of placing a hoax bomb, made up of a plastic bottle tied with a tape and connected to an electrical circuit, near the school in January this year.
The call to the Rudyard Avenue school was later identified as a hoax.
In NE3 - which includes Gosforth, Fawdon and Kingston Park - there were 29 malicious hoax calls in 2014/15, compared to 10 the year before.
The case is not being linked to any of the recent telephone hoax calls at schools in the West Midlands.
They included a so-called 'red 1' call - reserved for the most seriously-ill patients, such as those whose hearts have stopped or who have stopped breathing - on October 11 last year, but when crews got to the scene it turned out to be a hoax.
A total of 132 hoax calls were triggered by an alarm being set off, while 68 were sparked by phone calls.
A spokesman for Warsaw police said a 48-year-old man had been detained after the hoax call was traced to his home.
According to figures obtained exclusively by the ECHO, there were 239 hoax calls made to Merseyside fire and rescue service between January and December 16.
The frequency of hoaxes is also growing and it s estimated that each year billions of hoax emails are sent around the world, designed to target customers of various brands and services.
It quickly became clear that the emergency services had been the victim of a sickening hoax.