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The risk with hoaxes on social media is that they can be used as click bait, encouraging victims to follow the link to a website which could compromise or infect their computer or device.
That's more than double the previous year when there were nine incidents which were certainly hoaxes and six incidents which may have been hoaxes.
The hoax is essentially a variant on the chain letter, one of the original abuses of e-mail The harm in hoaxes and chain letters is nominally that they take up storage space and waste users' time, but the more serious damage is that they erode the vigilance and good practices of those who receive them.
Most successful hoaxes work by the fidelity with which they cleave to the original source.
The legislation came in response to false anthrax alarms and other hoaxes after the Sept.
To make scientific arguments more visible, Patton designed a course, Frauds, Hoaxes and Pseudoscience, that required students to read "bad" scientific arguments, to critique those "bad" arguments, and to write their own "good" arguments.
keeps track of current hoaxes, and they have a top 10 Most Prevalent Hoaxes list at www.
Figures published yesterday revealed that around one in ten 999 calls to control centres set up to co-ordinate services during the fire strike have been hoaxes.
In the current situation, where firefighting capabilities are reduced, hoaxes could lead to death, serious injury or serious damage to property as fire crews are diverted from real emergencies.
So far, 61 calls have been confirmed as hoaxes and investigations are ongoing.
In Northern Ireland, a number of the 155 emergency calls that were received in the first six hours of the strike were hoaxes, frustrating the efforts of crews manning the Goddesses that were painted yellow to distinguish them from other military vehicles.
Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus solutions, announced today the latest in a series of monthly charts counting down the ten most frequently occurring viruses and hoaxes as compiled by Sophos.