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Darren wasn't fit and was really hobbling at Bodymoor Heath on Friday after training so we couldn't bring him up with us.
Katich said hobbling through the Adelaide Test with the injury had convinced him he would not be able to get through five days of cricket.
United manager Chris Hughton told the Chronicle today: "What we said to Alan was 'we don't want you hobbling around - this is the type of game where we can't afford that'.
Ellen has been having trouble with her knee and whilst hobbling down some stairs went over on her ankle.
With South Dakota State's only tall player out with an injury and its top scorer hobbling on a bad hip Sunday, the beleaguered Jackrabbits probably hung around a bit longer than they should have in a 72-61 nonconference men's basketball loss to Cal State Northridge in front of a crowd of 792 at the Matadome.
And Bellamy proved a constant threat to the Mallorca defence just eight days after hobbling out of the action against third round opponents Valerenga.
Though their work would later be derided by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright as hobbling America's organic architectural movement, the fair's primary architects Daniel Burnham and John Root oversaw the creation of neoclassical buildings that awed visitors, some of whom broke down weeping when they caught sight of what came to be known as the White City.
As managers today seem hell-bent on shortening development time, risks can be even more hobbling than they otherwise might be.
The next morning I saw the Justice hobbling to his car on crutches.
Both of the serious problems hobbling the Hubble Space Telescope -- "microwobbles" and a defective mirror--can be overcome, NASA officials announced last week.
Until 2002, Angola had been suffering through a 25-year civil war, during which as many as 10 million anti-personnel and anti-vehicle landmines were laid in that country, effectively hobbling economic development, commerce and the delivery of humanitarian relief.
And he was seen hobbling as he got off the team coach on Monday.