hold dear

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Your help has been the undoing of most things I hold dear.
These folks are defenders of all that we hold dear in our country: faith, home, and freedom.
Every day, these brave men and women put their lives at risk to defend the freedoms we hold dear.
Before the page stops turning I look at recent years Living here on Merseyside A place I now hold dear.
We encourage all of our guests to think about which charity they hold dear to their heart, and that they believe truly deserves to benefit from our collection drive.
Nothing can ever take away, the love our hearts hold dear, fond memories stay with us every day, remembrance keeps you near.
When Thunder Rolls: The Underground Railroad and the Civil War" is a tale of the Underground Railroad, a line of people that slaves knew to run to for aid and assistance in trying to flee northward for the most basic of freedoms that so many Americans hold dear.
Death is inescapable, and families must face it happening to the ones they hold dear.
Both the hosts played with Zappa in the early days and still hold dear the musical memories of their youth.
Bush has endorsed many of the values that we hold dear.
We'll have a drink or maybe two We'll laugh till the break of dawn And that's what friends are all about When you're feeling tired and wornFriendsI have so many lovely friends I'm spoilt for choice, I know I love to have them come around And go out to see a showBut when there is that special friend Whom you can say just how you feel You'll know they'll be there for you And your pain they'll help you healThey'll never break a promise They'll never let you down They'll always be there for you Whenever they're aroundThey will never ask for payment Or a load of thanks and praise They're just such lovely people Full of humility and graceSo if you have any friends like these Hold dear to them forever They are very few and far between Don't let them go,no neverSylvia Humphreys, Bangor
As such and to uphold our heritage which many of us hold dear and a tribute to our ancestors we should not be ashamed to stand for all that is good about their devotion to St George and what he represents.