hold different views

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Such is their absolute certainty in their moral superiority, it can never be the case for lefties that others simply hold different views.
Both men see eye-to-eye on climate change and defense of the poor but hold different views on abortion rights and gay marriage.
People should be able to respect each other's arguments and respect the fact that people hold different views to their own.
The point is that people may hold different views, but those who believe in criticism and press freedom do not believe in it because they want Egypt to fail.
The deputy minister said "20 pages of the draft final agreement have been written during the negotiations held between Tehran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany) so far, while the two sides hold different views over 30% of the final draft text now".
We recognise that a number of people have concerns about this technology, and the Welsh Government may hold different views to the UK Government on this issue, but we do believe this technology does at least need to be considered.
In a democratic society, freedom of expression includes allowing expression that one disagrees with and protecting the right of all persons to hold different views," she said.
It's about working with those who hold different views in order to achieve workable compromises, and doing so without violating the Constitution.
In Ghana itself, two successive national administrations hold different views about Kosmos' plans for the oil.
He called on those who disagree to take it as a given that everyone has the national interest at heart, even if they hold different views.
The ex-head of the NCP parliamentary caucus emphasized that the memo did not seek to create a split in the party, saying this may occur only as a result of refusal to listen to advice and preventing dialogue as well as targeting and throwing accusations at those who hold different views.
Questions can be divided into two types, those for which there is an answer, even if we don't know what it is, and questions for which there is no right or wrong answer and where different people will hold different views.