hold different views

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Cavusoglu added that the US and Turkey are in a delicate period because Ankara and Washington hold different views on important issues, including PYD/YPG terrorists in Syria and the presence of the FETO terrorist organization in the United States, Anadolu Agency reported.
Experts hold different views regarding the future of euro's rate.
There are others who hold different views in my party.
But creating changes requires more than that, it requires hard work, a willingness to listen, and work with others even if - particularly if - they hold different views.
Mr Davies argues that the "naysayers" do not seem to understand that to hold different views on such a game-changing constitutional question, and to be allowed the privilege of campaigning for those views, is about the most democratic thing one can do.
Though Moscow and Riyadh hold different views on how to resolve the Syrian crisis, this issue will feature prominently in the Sunday talks, Ushakov pointed out.
One of the factors behind the rise of extremism is a reluctance to listen to people who hold different views.
Clearly other people hold different views on that and clearly other people have different interpretations of that but my understanding of the Bible is that marriage is between one man and one woman.
However, the Karnataka CID, the Maharashtra police and the CBI are hold different views on these issues.
Both men see eye-to-eye on climate change and defense of the poor but hold different views on abortion rights and gay marriage.
People should be able to respect each other's arguments and respect the fact that people hold different views to their own.
The point is that people may hold different views, but those who believe in criticism and press freedom do not believe in it because they want Egypt to fail.