hold forth

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Meanwhile, at the energy summit, over a dozen national energy ministers will this week hold forth on everything from oil to solar panels in one of the biggest events of its kind.
On our weekly walks together, covering some of West Yorkshire's finest landscapes, he likes to hold forth about what he has just been reading.
She is enlightening on things such as French drivers (especially at roundabouts), French gynaecologists and the French education system but is prone to intellectualize and hold forth on 'big ideas'--a tendency that shows how thoroughly she has assimilated French ways.
It is all very well for the politicians to hold forth and be "resolute" with somebody else's life.
We like to partake at the bar, where regulars old and new schmooze and hold forth on topics of the day, but there are tables inside and on the terrace, too.
ARMCHAIR psychologists will hold forth and declare that, in the years after two world wars of the last century, exservicemen just got on with their jobs once peace had broken out again.
David Johnston of Queens University Belfast will hold forth on translation.
Beckstrom, have written a just-released book titled The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations (Portfolio), in which they hold forth on not only the model of the Apache tribes ("The Apaches persevered because they were decentralized") to, yes, echinoderms and arachnids.