hold office

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One of these was the craze for Greek and Latin learning, and the other was a desire to hold office.
He, however, would not be anything but an emperor; but I was trembling all the time lest he should take a fancy to go into the Church, not finding myself fit to hold office in it; for I may tell you, though I seem a man, I am no better than a beast for the Church.
I only await one thing before following your advice; that is, a minister who will hold office for six months.
The principle of this objection would condemn a practice, which is to be seen in all the State governments, if not in all the governments with which we are acquainted: I mean that of rendering those who hold offices during pleasure, dependent on the pleasure of those who appoint them.
TAP)- Pakistan's Supreme Court on Friday toppled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who resigned after the court ruled he was unfit to hold office and ordered a criminal investigation into his family over corruption allegations.
Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said prosecutors would also hold office in the same area temporarily.
20 -- The 19th Amendment of the Sri Lanka Constitution seems to be vague regarding the period President Maithripala Srisena can hold office - from when to how long?
President Jacob Zuma has given notice of his intention to request reasons as to whether to suspend Advocates Shaun Abrahams, National Director of Public Prosecutions and Sibongile Mzinyathi, Director of Public Prosecutions as well as Dr Torie Pretorius, Acting Special Director of Public Prosecutions from their respective offices and whether to hold an inquiry into their fitness to hold office.
V, [section] 12, Florida Constitution, to investigate complaints against judges whose conduct demonstrates a present unfitness to hold office and recommends disciplinary action to the Supreme Court.
Summary: Former Zahle Mayor Asaad Zogheib returned Monday to the post he held from 1998-2004 after the newly elected municipal council voted for him to hold office for three years.
Gobi, D-Spencer, will hold office hours 10:30-11:30 a.
The Council shall elect a President of the Association upon the recommendation of the Board and the person so appointed shall hold office for three years.