hold possession

See: occupy, remain
References in classic literature ?
And truly, they were as sturdy and bluff a pair of boots as one would wish to see; as firmly planted on the ground as if their owner's legs and feet had been in them; and seeming, with their broad soles and blunt toes, to hold possession of their place by main force.
RAHIM YAR KHAN -- Two families claimed to hold possession of a land on bypass road in front of New Bus Stand and accused each other of grabbing it with the connivance of police and local politicians here the other day.
In what was a game of few chances, especially in the first half, both sides struggled to hold possession in the windy conditions.
In unlawful detainer, one unlawfully withholds possession thereof after the expiration or termination of his right to hold possession under any contract, express or implied.
He said: "At the root of this case is a very simple issue: the right of any person be they writer, photographer, artist or other creative individual to hold possession of their own creative work and not to see it utilised by others without permission for their own purposes.
Keeping with the rhythm of the tournament, India started off keeping a solid shape in defense, and let Australia hold possession, hoping to catch them on the break.
Easts tested the patience of the referee at the start of the second half conceding four penalties in the opening five minutes enabling Underbank to hold possession and survive with their reduced numbers.
Interested parties having clear title and free hold possession of the property may submit the detailed lay out plan of the building and available facility.
Just 1:28 into OT, opportunity struck again as Worcester turned it over but Grafton couldn't hold possession.
They seemed doomed to a heavy defeat when they trailed 15-3 five minutes after the restart, but they started to hold possession, build the phases, cut out the soft penalties, and they were rewarded with a fine win against a Connacht side who lost their way.
Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim's decision to field Drogba and Sneijder in the second half helped his team push forward with more confidence and hold possession for longer.
Swansea's ability to hold possession, even against the big sides, is a huge attribute and it's bound to be a concern for the Valley Parade men.