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The City of Holdfast Bay passed a motion at its meeting last night to immediately take steps to restrict public access to the breakwater.
We found all of the hardinggrass varieties adequately adapted for summer survival, with seedings of Perla koleagrass, Advanced AT and Holdfast all successful and highly productive.
While some of today's sea lilies are able to detach their holdfasts from the seafloor and walk short distances on their arms, they do not do it often.
Variations in holdfast attachment mechanics with developmental stage, substratum-type, season, and wave-exposure for the intertidal kelp species Hedophyllum sessile (C.
A 1,500-ton coaster, HMS London, was loaned by the Ministry of War Transport and the Admiralty and renamed Holdfast.
Charley's initial call for an alternative architectural practice is recalled from the introductory chapter, reminding the reader to holdfast to a critical reflexivity that continues to interrogate the social, political, economic and material production of the city.
the wood from which it came, & holdfast two strakes together, that
Initially fixed to substratum with a crusty holdfast and secondarily with calcareous pads.
The Court was told that the Quran calls upon the Muslims to holdfast to their agreements and the Book makes it sufficiently clear that "no agreement remains equally beneficial to both parties all the time", the petition noted and for that very reason the Quran ordains that every agreement involving financial transaction or marriage be "written in black and white".