holding action

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It is a holding action, largely designed to avoid explosions and permit the forces of history to bring humanity into their embrace.
In their first action at the Chemin-des-Dames, they participated in a holding action within sight of the German lines, catching incoming fire from the Boche, and conducting various night raids into enemy territory.
In such battles as the holding action at Le Cateau, during the retreat from Mons, the British continued to pour in a devastating fusillade against the Bosch, sustaining a rate of fire double that of the official War Department estimate of 16 aimed rounds per minute.
While there can be no doubt that a full understanding of its past--which it should be remembered cannot be based on any single memory but requires attention to multiple memories--is important for any society, Graham sees memory movements as "the best holding action we have against resurgent fascism" and nothing less than the means by which we can achieve "our survival as something worthy of the name of 'humanity'.
Gamble takes great pains to show how the Allies, using their limited and mostly outdated and out-classed equipment, waged an increasingly successful holding action against a superior force.
He also treated the freeze order as if it were permanent and not just a holding action until a full hearing on the merits could be held.
Still, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that this was, in the end, a holding action.
But Arnold's holding action at Lake Champlain "delayed the British long enough to keep them off Washington's neck," wrote historian Samuel Eliot Morison.
The Grade 2 Juvenile Hurdle at Leopardstown on December 26 is the plan for Cross Appeal, who made it two from two over hurdles when holding Action Master by three-quarters of a length in the Grade 3 Winter Festival Juvenile Hurdle.
It's true Dobson did say, "We tried to defend the unborn child, the dignity of the family, but it was a holding action.
In this light, the prevailing European attitude toward the United States may be explained as expedient realism--a holding action until January 2009 when a new President is inaugurated.
On 6 October 1918 the 2nd Battalion Scottish Rifles was engaged in a holding action of a Railway embankment at Mericourt near Lens.