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It's common for pigs to wait in holding pens for at least 2 hours after transport, before slaughter.
A second pre-release turtle holding pen has been constructed this month in the waterways of Madinat Jumeirah, next to The Wharf restaurant at Mina A' Salam.
A reconstructed slave holding pen also will be part of the museum.
The film's first hints of amusement involve them finding their characters and similar thespian nonsense before recruiting PJ's actual 'hood-dwelling cousin Shondra (``Scary Movie's'' Regina Hall) to entice B-Rad and provide her crib as a holding pen.
Team Penning, which requires a team of three riders to cut three specific cows from a heard within a specific time limit and drive them into a holding pen, is a great way for a family to enjoy an evening together.
The 12-year-old primate loves opening doors - particularly the walkthrough's exit gate, where he often becomes trapped in the holding pen.
There were violent clashes in April when up to 2,000 people rampaged through the town after breaking out of a holding pen.
BBC One Wales, tonight, 8pm While some long-time fans still bemoan and bewail the departure of Terry Wogan from the glittering holding pen of dreams that is the Eurovision, nothing can detract from the tragically hilarious parade of deluded souls that makes up the meat of the show.
A heifer escaped its holding pen at the market in Craven Road and hit livestock worker Andrew Truelove - causing him to be badly injured from the impact - before roaming around the town centre.
Pop Idol: The Rivals finalistJavine will set the runners on their way from their holding pen.
5 million people, he was airlifted to a holding pen in waters off Iceland.
Tell me what I have to know and go back to your holding pen, my man.