holding power

See: retention
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The holding power of the magnetic knife holder depends on the size, weight and shape of the object attracted to the board.
The couplings are available in one- and two-piece clamp styles with or without keyways for superior fit and holding power.
Some have serrated blades for added holding power and the Model 450 Tweezer Nose(tm) can even pick up a human hair.
Washington, November 19 ( ANI ): People new to holding power are more likely to be vengeful when placed in charge, it has been revealed.
Improved drive performance, and holding power along with the traditional benefits make these some of the best framing nails on the market.
FTER more than two years Ain government, the Lib Dems know all about the price of holding power.
Improve your land's holding power by planting Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries' Bedding Blend[TM].
Threaded pins with a negative profile showed greater holding power than smooth pins (P < .
Perhaps much of our life has been in conformity with expectations of others - accumulating wealth, holding power, securing a career, etc.
The design, which has curved magnetic rows, provides superior holding power and makes the installation and removal of dies very smooth, according to the company.
With increased holding power, Insert Iron is also easier to apply and perfect for the bowhunter looking for quality materials to build hunt-tough arrows.
Increasing scope to 10:1 doubles your holding power, while shortening the scope to 3:1 sacrifices holding power and the anchor may be difficult to set.