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PURSE. In Turkey the sum of five hundred dollars is called a purse. Merch. Dict. h.t.

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There are people there holding the purse strings who are playing God.
And while the fans love to have a go at them, you knew when the likes of Bob Lord and Joe Richards were holding the purse strings at Burnley and Barnsley, they were there for the right reasons.
The election agent holding the purse strings for Blaenau Gwent independent candidate Trish Law has a conviction for fiddling expenses, we can reveal.
Jamie Skelding, a partner at the Warwick Road firm, said: "Christmas parties should not give those holding the purse strings headaches because of fears over tax.
Andy Gemmell has been the man holding the purse strings by paying the wages since the club went into liquidation.
Holding the purse strings as a method of controlling the work of a vendor performing services for an association is not the same as having day-to-day, visible control of an employee.
There's nothing like holding the purse strings on a lively fish when you have an empty frying pan.
As he acknowledged, this is a matter for the Welsh Assembly Government and it must be noted that it is always easy for politicians to talk generously about backing a worthy cause when they are not holding the purse strings.
So tonight ladies, when you sit down after cooking, cleaning, washing, caring, listening, working at home and working at work, just remember, you still haven't done enough to please the multi-millionaire holding the purse strings.
Aneurin Bevan would be furious to witness this abuse by those holding the purse strings of public funds and abusing their power by elbowing their way to the front of the line, whilst the people for whom the NHS was created wait in ever growing queues for treatment.
The biggest mistake the Government made with Kensington New Deal was to leave Liverpool City Council holding the purse strings on pounds 63 million of 'new money' at a time when even the Government's own auditors begrudgingly gave them a 1 star rating and criticised their lack of 'Fiscal Control'.
Those holding the purse strings at South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust face the challenge of wanting to treat more people - and having superb facilities to do so.