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It not only has bars and dots but has charts for incline, ranging, density altitude, holdover, allowance for spindrift, and wind, all in the scope's image.
That there would be no more holdover capacity and new barangay officials would be appointed instead?
That there would be no more holdover capacity, and new barangay officials would be appointed instead?
In the lawsuit, Carol Cohen claimed that inasmuch as the landlord failed to commence the holdover proceedings within three months after it had knowledge of the presence of the dog, the landlord must be deemed to have waived the "no pet" provisions of the lease.
The law therefore provided that unless the landlord commenced holdover proceedings within three months of learning of the pets, the tenant was free to continue to harbor the pets and no violation of lease would take place.
Comelec Chair Sixto Brillantes said this was to prevent the incumbent officials from remaining at their posts in holdover capacity after their terms expire at noon of that date.
Levay, the Appellate Term confronted the following events: The owner had commenced a holdover proceeding against the tenant as a result of the aggressive and objectionable behavior of the tenant's two dogs.
He said the Comelec also junked the idea of a holdover capacity for the incumbent members of the SK council.
But what would happen if there were several months of delay, or a recalcitrant tenant decides the phones aren't installed so he'll holdover, or a store wants to remain in place for the Christmas season, and the building owner has another tenant geared up to build out and move in?
Also added to the TimeProvider is a rubidium option on the input-output-clock (IOC) card providing a quality level exceeding industry holdover requirements.
Thereafter, but before commencing a holdover proceeding, the landlord received and held three rent checks from the tenant.
A leading authority on summary proceedings and holdover actions, Mitofsky represented a client base comprised of major property owners throughout the New York area in actions such as illegal subletting, non-primary resident actions, succession cases and non-payment actions.